Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Mike Ross gets spanked

This piece by Brian McGrory in The Boston Globe about Boston City Councilor Mike Ross really made my day: ["VIP largesse proves petty"].
If you see your elected officials with their arms in a sling this morning, give them a delicate hug. The poor pets probably hurt themselves over the weekend thrusting their hands out for Red Sox tickets.
Take, for example, Mike Ross, a Boston city councilor. Unless you flit around the city's social scene attending restaurant openings, premieres, or other gatherings of the glitterati, you've probably never heard of him. But be warned: The most dangerous place around is between Ross and a Nikon.
Hahahahaha! So true! McGrory has been reading the Improper Bostonian.
So of course, when the Red Sox made the playoffs, there's Ross in the thick of it. He wanted special access to tickets, and the Sox were eager to oblige, gracing him with four gems for every home game, each one costing him face value.
I wonder who Ross brought to the game.
I called Mike Ross on Friday wondering how excited he was to be heading to the games. "No comment," he replied. But would the special access to tickets affect his judgment on the council in dealing with the Red Sox? "No comment." And then I had an idea. Would he consider donating some of his many tickets to the Home for Little Wanderers, fulfilling the wildest dreams of some underprivileged kids? "No comment."
What are you so afraid of, Mike? Answer the question!
BTW, those in Mike's district - Boston's 8th: Back Bay, Beacon Hill, Fenway, and Mission Hill - can vote for Carmen Torres on Nov. 4.