Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Alright Hil, are you in or out?
I probably shouldn't use the line "in or out" when talking about a Clinton, but if she is going to run for president, she needs to make up her mind soon: ["Clock Ticking for a Hillary Presidential Bid"]. It is, however, getting very late.

"She hasn’t done the groundwork. She’s probably not ready for a presidential campaign, and if she got out there and performed badly it would devastate any chance for her in the future," said Emmett H. Buell, professor of political science at Denison University.

I still don't think she is going to run. They have Clark now, so she doesn't have to run. However, the fact that it is still speculation this late in the game is pretty amazing.

Holy sh*t!
It's about time: ["Sept. 11 panel subpoenas FAA, citing failure to produce records"]. What is the problem over there? Why won't they release the documents? Do they have something to hide? Maybe, it's the fact that they took so long to respond to the hijackings? The American people deserve some answers.

Sox win!
What an exciting game tonight! On to Game 7 - Go Pedro! Woo hoo!