Monday, October 6, 2003

Graham is definitely out
Well, I guess Carl Cameron scooped even the candidate and the democratic field is back to nine. Florida Sen. Bob Graham has decided to quit the presidential race: ["Statement by Senator Bob Graham"]. As I said before, Graham was going nowhere despite a long life of public service. He just couldn't seem to get it together. As I stated in a previous post, his campaign didn't reach out to the media. On three different occasions, I emailed his press department asking for a schedule so I could cover his campaign over the summer and I never got a response. This, despite having three, yeah three, press secretaries! That is the sign of a bad campaign operation. Plus, what did he spend $4 million on? Look for him probably not to endorse and also make the short list of veep candidates, especially if Howard Dean wins. Let's see if The Note gets anything tomorrow from the campaign if he plans to endorse.
Here is some of what the other candidates had to say about Graham:

John Kerry at 10:01 p.m.:
"Bob has been a friend and a colleague for 17 years. His dedication to public service, his tireless commitment to those he represents and his values and love of family brought an important perspective to this campaign that will be missed. In the Senate, he has worked tirelessly to help seniors afford the medicine they need and been a leader on national security issues. He will continue to be an important voice on national and international issues and I know he has many more contributions to make for our party and for our country."

Howard Dean at 10:43 p.m.:
"I will miss seeing Bob Graham on the campaign trail. Since his entry into the race, I have come to know him as a man of decency and integrity who cares deeply about this country and our position in the world. He was an honorable opponent who treated his fellow aspirants for the Democratic nomination with respect. I am proud to call him my friend."

Dennis Kucinich at 10:47 p.m.:
"I want to congratulate Senator Graham on a great run. His voice in this campaign will be sorely missed. I now remain the only candidate who voted against the war on Iraq. I intend to wage a campaign around the country in opposition to the ongoing occupation. Senator Graham’s supporters who opposed the war have lost a good candidate. I intend to listen to their concerns."