Sunday, October 5, 2003

The hypocrites at
It's groups like the folks at that make liberals look bad and turn people off to the political process.
This group of partisan Democrats has launched an ad in California attacking Arnold for comments he made about women in Entertainment Weekly ["Analysis of new ad by"]. The ad is being aired right as the recall candidate is being rocked by a number of harassment and groping allegations which, unfortunately, are distracting our entire nation from more important news.
However, let's not forget why was formed. The group was formed during the impeachment hearings of President Bill Clinton, after he perjured himself during the Paula Jones sexual harassment case. Their motto? Move on. At the time, allegations that Clinton raped a woman in Arkansas in 1972 were being circulated although almost all of the major news media - sans NBC News which broadcast a Sunday night report about the allegations - ignored the claim. Their motto? Move on. The president of the United States, at the time, was treating at least one - if not more - female interns as sperm receptacles. Their motto? Move on.
Now, compare this to what Arnold did. He fondled a reporter's knees during an interview, in a flirty attempt to get some. Did the reporter complain? No. She is now though. The allegations are from 1975, although there are more recent allegations that he played rough with women on movie sets. Did he rape anyone? No, not that we know of. Yes, harassment and groping is not good behavior for a governor but we had a president who was much worse and defended by Should they really be attacking Arnold for lesser behavior?
Don't get me wrong here: has every right to broadcast their ads. The same way Republicans in California had every right to pay millions to gather signatures and recall Gov. Gray Davis. While the recall initiative is supposed to be used when a governor breaks the law - something Davis hasn't done - California will surely become a better state without him. Davis is a pathetic excuse for a Democrat. He is controlled by the insiders. Giving licenses to illegal aliens? These people are certifiable. It should be noted that Democrats have used the recall law to attempt to get rid of Ronald Reagan and Pete Wilson, although they weren't successful gathering the signatures.
Since its inception, has held itself up to be a virtuous organization concerned with the "people's" best interest. Their actions in the recall, however, reveal them to be nothing but political hypocrites.

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