Sunday, May 23, 2004

Praise the Lord!
This is so great: ["Attorney arrested over Madrid bombing released"]. Take that, PATRIOT Act!

The Bush campaign is clearly in trouble:
You really have to wonder what the hell is going on over at the White House. The news is just bad, bad, bad. First, the death toll in Iraq has passed 800, with no end in sight. The military is accelerating the turn over to Iraqi citizens but thousands of American troops will remain.
On the political side, the president's supporters are starting to worry. First, there is the news that Bush is losing Cuban support: ["Eroding: Bush's Cuban Support"]. Up on the Hill, Republicans are starting to worry. And why shouldn't they? Things are looking bad: ["Bush Slip in Polls Could Tip Congress to Democrats"]. However, there is some good news: ["Bush Gains with Jewish Vote"]. So, maybe Hollings was right after all. Of course, people are still pissed about his comments: ["Kerry Urged to Denounce Hollings by NY Campaign Co-Chair"]. And then, at Tufts' commencement, there is Sen. Richard Lugar, R-Ind., railing against the president's foolish invasion: ["Lugar questions US policies on Iraq, terrorism"].

NH CD 1: Thirty-something challenges Bradley:
Justin Nadeau, a Portsmouth attorney, will challenge Republican Rep. Jeb Bradley: ["Nadeau begins congressional run in first district"]. Nadeau comes from a politically connected family. But it is good to see a young person getting involved in the process.

Another reason I am glad I don't live in Boston anymore:
This is amazing: ["Riders protest MBTA's `invasive' ID check plan"]. If you ride the T, you need an ID. This is ridiculous.

Moore's "9ll" wins at Cannes:
Wow: ["Michael Moore's 'Fahrenheit 9/11' Wins Top Honor at Cannes Film Festival"].

More on Washingtonienne:
Wonkette! and Washingtonienne went out partying last night and apparently became the talk of the town: ["Washington's Other W Twins"]. Oh my, oh my! Aren't they cheeky? And then, the fired "Staff Ass" makes the Post: ["The Hill's Sex Diarist Reveals All (Well, Some)"]. Other bloggers are getting into the act too. Check out The Calico Cat, who analyzes the entire, sordid mess: ["Jessica Cutler and the values of Washington"]

Sunday polls:
Alabama: Bush 54, Kerry 29, Nader 5 [University of South Alabama].
Florida: Bush 47, Kerry 46, Nader 3 [American Research Group].
Florida: Kerry 49, Bush 44 [Rasmussen Reports].
Illinois: Kerry 46, Bush 41, Nader 8 [Rasmussen Reports].
Illinois: Kerry 48, Bush 43 [Daily Southport].
New Jersey: Kerry 46, Bush 43, Nader 5 [Quinnipiac].
North Carolina: Bush 48, Kerry 41 [Mason-Dixon].
Oklahoma: Bush 53, Kerry 34 [The Daily Oklahoman].
Pennsylvania: Kerry 48, Bush 43 [Morning Call/Muhlenberg College].
South Dakota: Bush 51, Kerry 35, Nader 4 [KELO-TV].
Texas: Bush 58, Kerry 29 [Scripps Howard].

Election Projection has the race Kerry 327, Bush 211, although I think this is pretty high: ["Election Projection"].
Samboni now has it at Kerry 289, Bush 243, Undecided 6. Two weeks ago he had Bush 266, Kerry 258, Undecided 54:
David Wissing has it at Bush 276, Kerry 262. Two weeks ago he had Bush 280, Kerry 256: So, both are trending Bush down.

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