Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Video of Mexican UFOs!
The Mexican Air Force has released video of unidentified rapidly moving objects in the sky near Mexico City: ["Mexican Air Force Releases Photos Of Alleged UFOs"].

Berk's father blames the military:
Boy, do I really feel for this family. As if the beheading tragedy couldn't get any worse, his father, Michael Berk, tears into the U.S. military: ["Beheaded man's father blames US military"]. There is also a rumor that the father was on a Free Republic's enemies list.

Nader gets Reform nod:
Well, we knew this was coming: ["Nader Receives Endorsement of Reform Party USA"]. Too bad the party didn't have the $12 million in FEC funds that Pat Buchanan burned through in 2000. The endorsement will secure seven state ballots for Nader - Colorado, Florida, Kansas, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana and South Carolina. Expect the Independence Party in Minnesota and New York - formerly affiliated with the Reform Party - to follow suit. Could a Jesse Ventura VP slot be coming soon?

GM Wheat is out:
According to Friends of the Earth, genetically modified wheat will no longer be commercialized by Monsanto: ["Monsanto Drops GM Wheat: "Worldwide Victory for Consumers" says Friends of the Earth"].

Turner gets spanked by World Net Daily:
Green-Rainbow Party Boston City Councilor Chuck Turner got spanked today over photos published in the Boston Globe that he claimed showed American soldiers raping Iraqi women: ["Boston Globe publishes bogus GI rape pictures"]. According to Dan Kennedy's Media Log, WRKO's Howie Carr laid into Turner on his show this afternoon. Turner called in to defend himself but didn't apologize, according to Kennedy's post. Turner is a really good guy. He is one of the only councilors that consistently fights for social justice, reform, democracy, and freedom. Everyone gets a fair shake in his office. This is why he got caught up in all of this. As the saying goes, no good deed goes unpunished.

Here is the picture that is causing controversy at the Boston Globe.

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