Sunday, May 2, 2004

Quick headlines Sunday

* All women are not created equal. The Union Leader has been analyzing the life of Amie Riley, a Manchester goth chick found murdered recently: ["Amie Lynn Riley's death ruled a homicide"]. The mother tells a heart-wrenching story about how the cops ignored her pleas for help because Riley was a bit troubled. It is interesting to compare how Riley was treated and how that missing college girl who had a car accident in the north country earlier this year was treated. The college girl got local and state police and was all over the TV. The troubled goth chick got bunk. Great job, Union Leader staff.
* Punk Rock Aerobics goes worldwide!: ["Punk Rock Aerobics a whole different fitness tune"]. Hilken Mancini, the co-created of the program, used to be in Womb to Tomb and Fuzzy, both very cool Boston bands. She is a great singer and a good person.
* Two views of when Kerry should make a VP pick: ["Kerry has time on his side in VP selection"] and ["Kerry needs a VP - right now"].
* Murphy to run for sheriff: ["Boston pol Murphy to take on Cabral"]. Boston City Councilor Stephen Murphy is running for Suffolk County sheriff in the Democratic primary. I can't help but wonder if this is such a good thing. Sheriff Cabral seems to be doing a good job. And Murphy just ran for treasurer - a race he thought was sewn up - until the "Tim for Treasurer" ads blanketed TV in the last weeks of the race.
* Blog title of the year?: ["John Kerry is a douchebag but I'm voting for him anyway"].

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