Monday, May 3, 2004

Quick headlines Monday
* Kerry blows a wad ... a big wad: ["Kerry touts 'lifetime of service and strength' in $25 million ad buy"]. FoxNews listed some of the states of the ad buy - and one of them was Maine! This should be a secure Kerry state. Why is he buying ads there? To reach New Hampshire voters?
* Nader rejected by West Virginia indies: ["Mountain Party picks filmmaker"] but he promotes voting rights for 16-year-olds: ["Ralph Nader Favors Youth Voting: Lowering the Voting Age to 16"].
* You've gotta love this: ["Strip clubs focusing on va-va-va-voter drives"]. Apparently, they don't like Ashcroft so ... However, how do they plan on putting together their GOTV operation? So many deviant thoughts ...
* Keeping with the sex theme, did anyone else see Wonkette! on CNN's "Reliable Sources" Sunday? Cute beyond words! Having said that though, I could use a little less talk about John Kerry's package: ["Kerry: Keeping Us Guessing"]. Although, she does have a picture of Ben Affleck and Donald Rumsfeld hanging out ... how did he manage to smile during that chat? Pathetic.
* Why blogs are cool reason number who knows what: ["Campaign Desk"]. The Columbian Journalism Review has one for the campaign and it's pretty good too.

New polls - From the last few weeks:
Alabama: Bush 55, Kerry 36 [Survey USA].
Arkansas: Kerry 45, Bush 45 [Rasmussen].
Arizona: Bush 41, Kerry 38 [KAET-TV].
California: Kerry 51, Bush 40 [Rasmussen].
Connecticut: Kerry 51, Bush 33 [UConn].
Colorado: Bush 49, Kerry 44 [Rasmussen].
Florida: Bush 46, Kerry 45, Nader 3 [American Research Group].
Iowa: Kerry 47, Bush 46, Nader 3 [American Research Group].
Michigan: Kerry 47, Bush 43, Other/Undecided 9 [Survey USA].
New Jersey: Kerry 51, Bush 39 [Rasmussen].
New York: Kerry 51, Bush 32, Nader 1 [Marist].
Oregon: Kerry 43, Bush 43, Nader 8 [Rasmussen].
Pennsylvania: Bush 42, Kerry 42, Nader 5 [Pew Charitable Trust].
Washington: Kerry 46, Bush 41 [Elway Poll].
West Virginia: Bush 46, Kerry 41 [Rasmussen].
Wisconsin: Kerry 45, Bush 41, Nader 8 [Rasmussen].
Samboni has it at Bush 266, Kerry 245, Undecided 27:
David Wissing has it at Bush 300, Kerry 238: