Monday, August 24, 2009

Early riser club

There used to be a radio show on WMBR called "The Late Riser's Club" (it probably still exists today) that would play a mix of indie and hard rock, depending on the DJ. I used to listen to it on certain days because the DJs would play new stuff that I wasn't hearing otherwise (I think Tuesday was the day I would ignore it because the woman was always playing really bad metal).
This morning, as I got up at 6:35 a.m. to make coffee and flip through the newspaper, I got to thinking about what I have termed the Early riser club. Essentially, it's the opposite without the music. Although, it could have music, if I hit the WMP (I've just decided to play some Azure Ray).
The last few days, I have been getting up really early, without an alarm, quite naturally. And, there is nothing like the peace and quiet of the early morning. It's eerie in a way. The cats scooch me for food. I make coffee. I look out the window, in today's case, everything is green and soggy wet. I wonder about life for a few minutes and then I skim through the newspaper, write some bills, and keep chipping away at this pile of papers on the dining room table. It's uneventful but cherished time. Later this week, my eldest starts school. Where the hell is the time going?
This week is redesign week at work. The newspaper I edit will be laid out differently with new fonts and a modern, fresh look. I'm not as prepared as I would like to be but I am excited about the changes. I'm sure it will go fine. I do, however, wonder if it will make any difference. At an event last week, a number of people came up to us, thanked us for our work, and said they hoped we would still be in business in the future. It was like being in an ER, watching someone fade away and having everyone shake their heads! I kept telling people, "It's OK, we're not going anywhere any time soon, really ..." The newspaper I run is quite successful although not as good as the glory days. But how do you combat the mindtrip that some folks are on about the news business? I don' t know either. I guess I'll figure that one out later.
I shouldn't have put on Azure Ray. Melodic piano music in the morning might not have been the best choice ... Adam Ant, Annette Farrington, the Beach Boys, the Beatles, BMRC ... OK, Cheap Trick will do.

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