Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Progressives wallop Obama ...

Two columns worth a read from the left side of the spectrum:

First, there is this: ["The Worst and the Best Thing to Happen to the Democratic Party in Years"]. It's amazing, frankly, but not so, that we are reliving the debacle of the Clinton years all over again, while the corporate socialist state remains in America. What a nightmare!

And this: ["Guess What? He's a Terrible President"]. Yeah, that about sums it up. A terrible president and vacuous leader. But, in my mind, I have a clear head. I didn't vote for him and I knew it would be a disaster.

I do, however, worry about the younger generation and how much they threw into the process in 2008. If anything, we all need their energy and desire for a better place to live. America has always thrived and been able to count on young people. Whether it is fighting fascism in World War II, immigrating to and building the country, fighting for and receiving racial and gender rights, or challenging a corrupt political and military system in the 1960s (only to later cave in to that system), young people have played an integral role in the shaping of the nation. It would be a shame to abuse or misuse these folks when the system finally has them engaged.
Delusion and bitterness can be powerful enemies and both are likely to fester if real reforms don't start to take place. We should worry about the masses, many of whom have so much invested in this presidency. They were so easily manipulated before that they could be just as easily manipulated again, by even darker forces, sending the nation into a national socialist state not unlike Germany and Italy during the 1930s.
In many ways, the last few presidents, with the help of Congress and both political parties, laid the groundwork for this. We are currently in a corporate socialist state, as Ralph Nader has stated many times. The corporations rule and the individual pays. A few more tips at the scale and who knows ...

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