Monday, August 10, 2009

Tupelo Hall II?

Yup, that's right. In an email alert last week, the folks over at the Tupelo Music Hall announced that they are constructing another bigger location in Salisbury Beach, Mass.!
The music programming for this new venue will be similar to the Londonderry room. Because the capacity will be greater, however, I envision getting some big artists to play the new intimate space. The building is literally on the beach. You couldn’t ask for a better location. An adjacent restaurant will allow concertgoers to have a nice meal and then stroll across the lobby to the show.
This is very exciting. I don't necessarily know if I will be able to get over there for gigs very often but it is always good to have another location to see bands outside of Boston. As well, people forget that there are smaller, mid-range bands who need places to play [and crowds to play to] but might not be able to fit a 500 or 1,000 seat auditorium, never mind a 15,000 auditorium. As the economy gets weirder, there will be more and more opportunities for gigs like Tupelo gigs. Best of luck to them in the new endeavor!


Charlie Dent said...

Amen to that! Scott, the proprietor of Tupelo, is a friend and a client. The new room is going to be fantastic and will indeed be another venue for up-and-coming artists and for bigger names, too.

Anonymous said...

Just bought a condo on the waterfront! Can't wait to see the continue revitalization of an amazing area. Cheers on you new artistic venture.