Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Must see TV?

Yup, Jon Keller moderating the Boston Mayoral debate at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 26, only on WBZ-TV 4. It should be hilarious.
Watch Tom "Mumbles" Menino fumble through the debate, pronouncing words you've never even heard of before.
See Sam Yoon, the darling of the Left, pontificate on how not living in Boston for more than a few years will make him a better mayor.
Check out Michael Flaherty's "awe-shucks-ma" Southie manner and wonder, if his folk's beach house in Plymouth is really propped up with contaminated cement, why isn't he glowing?
And then there is developer Kevin McCrea. Will he drive up on his Harley? Will he hold his own?
So much to ponder, so much savor. I can't believe Menino actually agreed to debate. Even though I don't live in Boston anymore, it should be a good show. Tune in tomorrow.

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