Sunday, August 16, 2009

Oh this is funny ...

I've got facts on my side and you have Glenn Beck on your side ...

That's a great line. But the old lady kinda makes a good point. We shouldn't be paying for illegal aliens. And, not unlike everyone having to pay something in federal income taxes, so that they understand that they are paying income taxes, young people should be buying insurance too ... so that they understand the consequence of their actions. If they don't, they'll never get it.
As it is, too many people think everything is free - news is free, music is free, etc. Well, not everything is free. In fact, nothing is free. You gotta pay. So, the old lady is right in this regard.
Or, instead, we can scrap Obamacare and just go to single-payer, be taxed 10 percent like we do on SSI, tax sugar, fats, and ciggies more to offset the tax, put the insurance companies out of business and hope for the best.

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