Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Late night music notes ...

Earlier tonight, I finally put together the Noise chart for this month. And, by chance, while compiling all the airplay data, I stumbled across some interesting new music out of the New England area.
The first is the new Casey Desmond EP, "Chilly Allston," which is very nice combination of piano pop and studio tricks. Casey has a smooth voice not unlike a lot of girl stuff you're hearing today but with a bit of edge and indie cred. I think she is the daughter of the owner of Sound Museum, since her record is out on the rehearsal space's label and she has the last name. Either way, the record is really good pop.
The Steamy Bohemians are a duo who play comedy numbers with often sexual, spicy overtones. Sometimes they rip off a 1970s classic; other times they get into stuff you just don't want to hear about. But what comes across is highly original and enjoyable.
Disclaimer: Niki Luparelli once tried out to be the singer of a band I played guitar in but, for whatever reason, she didn't want the gig. She later turned up in this blues trio and now, this band. I guess, she had funnier things to do. Enjoy their video below:

Hot Box have a full-length coming out soon called "Four Eyes." They play introspective indie pop with jagged edges, odd time signatures, and flirty girl vocals. People will compare Amanda to Juliana Hatfield but she has a bit better homemade feel. It doesn't feel forced and the band balances out her vocal parts. Nice job!

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