Sunday, August 16, 2009

Moonbat-nation-New Hampshire?

I'm beginning to wonder about my state, especially when I read things like this post: ["Swett Responds"]. It's one of the reasons I don't go to Blue New Hampshire anymore, despite the fact that I agree with a ton of public policy positions promoted by posters there.
This is the pertinent section:
Notice that no Republican leader, at the state or federal level, has condemned the violent and anti-American nature of the protests. None. Their silence is complicity. It means they are in agreement. It means they believe the lies and distortions being put forward by industry shills and radio/teevee demagogues. I remember all too well how anyone criticizing Bush for the least little thing, such as creating torture chambers, was branded a traitor and unpatriotic. Now people say Obama isn't a citizen, hold signs with him as Hitler (the ahistorical and ignorant nature of this is mind boggling), and that's somehow okay.
First, there were plenty of Democrats and liberals holding violent signs and saying some pretty offensive things when Bush was president ... and in many cases, rightfully so. To get all huffy about it now when your person is in power is pretty silly.
Second, it would seem, according to the writer, that it is "anti-American" to assemble and protest in America if you are challenging the chosen one. One FreeStater legally wearing a handgun, visually seen by the police in the area, who were "keeping an eye on him" does not make an assassination attempt, coup, or anything else. You can do that in this state and many others ... The last time I looked, quoting Jefferson was not a crime. And if it ever becomes one, God help us all! One guy who forgot to leave his gun in the car getting busted doesn't make a coup either. And, yeah, he should be arrested because he wasn't following the law!
Frankly, it doesn't matter if the protesters are misinformed, spreading lies, or whether we agree with them or not. The first amendment protects this activity. It IS American! The country was founded on this principle of assembly!! To even suggest such things is just so lost it isn't even funny. Clearly, some writers just don't understand the concept of America and that is truly sad.
I don't know who Jennifer Daler is but she needs to 1) go back and read some American history, to educate herself on the founding of the country, and 2) get a grip, because so long as both sides of these arguments continue to play fast and loose with the truth, none of these damn problems are going to get solved.

Update: Oh my word, I just did a Google ... this woman is a member of the state Legislature!: ["Jennifer Daler"]. I can't believe this.

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