Sunday, January 26, 2003

California group moves to impeach Bush
Various Democrats around the country are quietly organizing petitions and meeting with their representatives about filing formal impeachment papers against the president over the secrecy and prior knowledge of the Sept. 11 attacks: ["Beating the drums for justice: Calls for Bush's impeachment for 9–11"]. The grounds for a possible prior knowledge charge are pretty strong ones, although probably not against Bush but other people in the administration. In addition, there has always been an aching in my jaw about the fact that Sept. 11 happened at the same time that the media consortium was planning on releasing the information about the Florida recounts. This information was delayed after the attacks and released two months later, to the day. The verdict reached by many: If there had been a state-wide, hand recount, and the votes of people who were stupid and both punched a hole for Al Gore, as well as wrote-in his name on the same ballot, Gore would have won the state of Florida and therefore, the presidency. It should be noted that while Florida does not have an "intent of the voter" law in recounts, Texas does. That law was signed into law by Bush when he was governor. Counting and analyzing the intention of voters was also promoted and approved of in other recount cases by Ken Starr.
Sure, it is all a little conspiratorial and nothing will probably be done about it. Hey, the BATF knew about the Oklahoma City bombing before it happened and none of their agents have been brought up on charges. Now people believe Jose Padilla might have been involved [].
What makes anyone think that this will work against Bush?

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