Thursday, January 23, 2003

Nader as a Dem in 2004?

Seth Gitell, the political reporter for the Boston Phoenix, speculated this week that Ralph Nader should consider running as a Dem in 2004, and then duck out and run as a Green if he lost:
According to some in Nader’s circle, among the 2004 electoral possibilities for the 2000 Green Party presidential candidate is the tactic of entering the Democratic primary as a Democrat, and then, when he loses, running in the general election as either an independent or a Green. This would enable Nader to receive the publicity of a primary season, gain inclusion — along with Sharpton and other progressive Democratic candidates — in debates, and possibly even earn federal matching funds to fuel a campaign. On the Republican side, this strategy was considered, and rejected, by Arizona senator John McCain in 2000.
"It’s technically possible," says one McCain-camp source. " The problem is that the room for such a candidate is not on the fringes — the far right or the far left — but in the vital center. Whether the Democrats would allow it is unclear. But it could be one interesting scenario to look for as the 2004 race draws closer."