Wednesday, January 8, 2003

Media Madness ... Part 1
Imagine, you create an advertisement to run on television and then the television companies refuse your money. Such is the situation with Arianna Huffington’s new ad promoting hybrid automobiles which links SUV drivers to terrorists.
What, you say, terrorists? Yup, terrorists: ["Stations Reject TV Ads That Connect SUVs to Terrorism"].
However, if the Ad Council – the non-profit organization that creates public service announcements – can constantly bombard us with FREE ads telling kids that the joint they smoked at a party Friday night bankrolled terrorists, surely Arianna can take her greens and pay for ads linking gas-guzzling SUV’s to the bankrolling of most of the princes of OPEC, right? Remember, while we may not be at war with some of these nations, like Saudi Arabia, the Saudis still teach their children that Jews are "pigs" and most of the Sept. 11 terrorists were Saudis. A prince was even recently accused of siphoning money to al Quaida.

Media Madness ... Part 2 or 'God Bless Russ Feingold and John McCain!'
Let's be honest: Sen. John McCain from Arizona is becoming a conservative Democrat. It really has become clear. First, it was campaign finance reform with Sen. Feingold. Then, it was a pseudo-populist presidential campaign. Then, he voted against Bush's $1.3 trillion transfer of wealth to the Top 10 percent of wage earners. Then, he threatens to vote against Bush's new tax plan. And still further McCain goes after radio consolidation: ["Radio: Where's the Diversity"]. So the guy is still pro-life and pro-free trade. But he is turning out to be more liberal than Sen. Joe Lieberman!

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