Tuesday, January 7, 2003

Sharpton blasts through Boston
The Rev. Al Sharpton literally swept through town over the weekend giving a flurry of speeches at black churches and function halls promoting his long-shot campaign for president. Surprisingly, for someone who is not taken too seriously as a candidate, Sharpton was able to garner a large amount of media time — both television and print — during his visit. Clips of speeches were repeatedly aired on local news and he also was interviewed Sunday morning on WILD 1090 AM, Boston's only black owned and operated radio station, as well as Channel 2's "Greater Boston" on Monday [although I missed both interviews]. The Boston Herald's sharp-tongued [no pun intended] columnist Marjery Eagan penned a pretty humorous [albeit not very kind] article about the candidate, complete with pictures of his then and now hair styles [What does she think she is doing, appearing on "The View" or something?] http://www2.bostonherald.com/news/columnists/eagan01072003.htm.
However, let's hope in the future that Sharpton can get some better advance men helping his campaign. Almost no one knew about his appearances, which is probably one of the reasons he had very slim crowds at places like Dorchester's Mason Lodge, which in the past, has been packed for political events.

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