Thursday, January 30, 2003

Pirozzi heading to Iowa for Kerry
Belmont gal Angelique Pirozzi is leaving town soon to organize Iowa for the Kerry for President Campaign, according to a recent email. Pirozzi is a protégé of uber-Dem Mike Whouley, the man who basically helped run Al Gore’s campaign into the ground. Here is what he told Mass. Dems attending the convention in 2000, as reported by David Nyhan of The Boston Globe:
"We're going to win this election,'' said Whouley, and he ran down the polling and electoral vote situation for the audience of insiders. He derided Bush's double-digit polling lead as ''footsteps in the sand,'' based on an illusory appeal to ''values, personality, integrity,'' that can be whittled down by expert attack. Gore's been only ''a two-dimensional'' figure because ''he stood behind a larger-than-life president,'' said Whouley, while Bush built his lead as ''the anti-Clinton, throw-the-bums-out, I'm a nice guy'' crusader. ''Bush is playing with the house money,'' which he defined as ''nominal Democrats, persuadable voters.'' Whouley ticked off favorable portents and recent successes in key Midwestern states, and predicted more gains ''once we move this thing to archery range.'' The Dems will scorch Bush for colluding with polluters in Texas and ''turning them into regulators,'' with sacrificing interests of uninsured children and elders to big money contributors, he said.
Oh how wrong he was. And well, okay, Gore drove Gore’s campaign into the ground. But if you know inside ball in Boston politics, you know about Whouley – he is a top dollar, bare bones kind of player. Some people like him and some people hate him. Nuff said.
But back to Pirozzi – who I interviewed while working as a reporter for the Belmont Citizen-Herald when she was hired to run Kerry’s 2002 Senate reelection campaign – a virtual cakewalk – since Long Jawn had minor competition in ignored Libertarian Michael Cloud. She was also Gore’s point person in Wisconsin during the general election and a field organizer in Iowa during the primary. Pirozzi has also been immortalized in David Kaplan’s recent book, "The Accidental President:"
Angelique Pirozzi was field director and had been in Iowa for months. Whouley had been there five weeks. One afternoon, Pirozzi was sick to her stomach with a fever and the flu. "I’m going to throw up," she told Whouley. "Okay,'"he answered, "go out to the alley, throw up, and then come back and get to work." She did and she did.
This is prime time for her: A chance to reestablish relationships made last time around and organize a state that is going to be exceedingly difficult for Kerry to win. We have had dinner and gossip sessions on occasion and despite her glossy-eyed view of the Democratic Party, she is a pretty good person and Kerry is lucky to have her.