Thursday, January 23, 2003

Why the Rev. Al Sharpton can not be dismissed ...

From the NY Post today, in a piece entitled "Sharpton candidacy giving Dems the jitters" by Deborah Orin, she noted that:
... most other Democratic candidates seemed a bit cowed while Sharpton and [Vermont Gov. Howard] Dean - the two Democrats who are farthest to the left and the most passionate speakers - got the loudest cheers from activists at Tuesday's dinner for the pro-choice lobbying group NARAL. One Democratic strategist says: "We pray for Carol Moseley-Braun" - the former Illinois senator who's the only black woman elected to the U.S. Senate. The hope is she'll join the race and draw some support away from Sharpton.
The Democrats: The "party of the people" - [Hah!] the fighters of the common man - [Hah!] the ones who lecture the rest of us about affirmative action, equal access, and openness in the democratic process - [Hah!] - basically hijacking Sharpton and limiting the chances of the only black candidate from his right to run for president. I would bet just about anything that Democrats set the fire at the National Action Network HQ this week.