Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Sharpton’s theme song: “Livin’ in America”
On last night’s "Pleasure Pit" show on WRKO 680 AM, host Virgin Boy [VB] discussed with listeners – in mocking tone – who was the better black candidate: the Rev. Jesse Jackson or the Rev. Al Sharpton. He also asked for suggestions of theme songs for the Sharpton campaign. Along the way, VB played some hilarious Jackson clips [sans the side-splitting “Stay outta dah Bushes” from the 2000 Democratic Convention] and took calls from listeners.
One caller suggested any James Brown song like “I feel good.” But VB couldn’t get “Sex machine” out of his head. Another caller suggested James Brown “Livin’ in America” from the “Rocky IV” film, which had a number of callers laughing for most of the night.
But at least one caller said Sharpton’s campaign should not be laughed at – adding that he is the only candidate opposing a war with Iraq or the free trade deals such as NAFTA backed by most of the other Democrats. Pointing to a Pat Buchanan win in NH in 1996 with 23 percent of the vote, and a 37 percent turnout in 1992, who knows what could happen if Sharpton could harness voter anger in the Granite State, the caller said.
Plus, the caller added, imagine how hilarious it will be seeing Sharpton slam-dancing to Nine Inch Nails ala Alan Keyes in 2000 on MTV. On prank value alone, a vote for Sharpton is NH is worth it and when Sharpton gets to South Carolina, who knows, the caller concluded.
VB agreed – with reservations – but said that an extended Sharpton campaign would make the primaries interesting.
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