Sunday, January 26, 2003

Sharpton removed from poll
The Rev. Al Sharpton has been removed from a straw poll conducted weekly by
The reason? Poor showings.
According to their posts, the bottom two candidates in the poll each week are eliminated from future polls. Sharpton, who bottomed out Nov. 28, has been kept off each poll since then despite increased media coverage and being the only announced black candidate running for the Democratic nomination. As well, is also encouraging the candidacy of former Ill. senator Carol Moseley Braun, a straw of another kind being foisted into the primaries. This week both Rep. Dick Gephardt and Vt. Senator Jim Jeffords, a former Republican and now independent, finished in the bottom of the field and will be removed from future straw polls.
This all seems ridiculous, especially from Democrats who constantly preach inclusion.
Why keep off serious and announced candidates just because they may have a bad week? What good does that do?

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