Saturday, January 18, 2003

"Poor" John Kerry hates fund-raising

Drudge reports this week that our junior senator who wants to be president "detests" having to fund-raise:
On the eve of a fundraising trip to Dubuque, Iowa -- quotes surface which detail Kerry's feelings about trips to Dubuque.
"I hate it. I detest it," Kerry told a Boston reporter in 1996.
Kerry will attend church services on Sunday in Dubuque with state Rep. Patrick Murphy, and have lunch with activists in Dubuque.
"I hate going to places like Austin and Dubuque to raise large sums of money. But I have to," Kerry revealed to the BOSTON GLOBE.
So far, Kerry has collected slightly more than $10,000 from Iowa residents, insiders tell the DRUDGE REPORT.
"I am sorry he hates coming here and taking our money!" Dubuque resident Marsha Vittal said in anger on Friday. "He wants to be my president, but he detests, detests coming to where I've chosen to live my life, to ask for support?!"
A Kerry staffer explained the senator holds no personal dislike of Dubuque or its residents.
"He's actually very excited to be making the trip this weekend," said the insider.
Note to Long Jawn: This is a perfect opportunity to talk about campaign finance reform although you have lost a lot of credibility on the issue. You once limited your contributions to $250. No more. You once refused political action committee [PAC] money. Now you take PAC money [77 percent from business in 2002 according to] and now you have your own PAC [The Citizen Soldier Fund]. Then, you decided to drop your $10,000 limit on contributions to your PAC so you can take huger sums of money. You raised $940,000 for your fund last year. Some "citizen" fund.
On second thought, don't talk about campaign finance reform John.