Tuesday, January 7, 2003

Vennochi slams Romney/Healey party
Pretty good column in the Boston Globe this morning by the usually snippy Joan Vennochi.
In this piece, she basically lays out the reasons why "running the state like a business" – Romney's campaign slogan – is probably not going to be a good experience for the rest of us. Although, while taking jabs at Romney's inaugural ball, she is quick to note that things would be the same if the Dems won:
"In Romney's world, the rich and well-connected inhabit a better, different place. But there is nothing new, startling, or even partisan about that observation. The same is true in John Kerry's world or Ted Kennedy's world. And it would have been true in Shannon O'Brien's world, if she, not Romney, had won the governor's race. The rich and powerful are welcome to enter whatever political tent they choose; once inside, they can always count on the best accommodations. That is politics as usual and applies to elephant aficionados as well as those who prefer donkeys."
As an aside, in a chat this afternoon, Vennochi was asked if she ever regretted any of her columns.
"I regret two columns over the past six months. (maybemore) (sic) The first
said Bob Reich couldn't win; the second ssaid, (sic) don't vote for Jill Stein."