Sunday, December 30, 2007

Campaign Notes

Wow, are things getting busy. Some quick campaign notes for Sunday:

First, the Dennis Kucinich campaign called the house today ... 10 days before the New Hampshire primary and the Kucinich campaign is finally getting around to calling voters. Yikes. Oh gosh Dennis, you really should have started this months ago. Similar to the Gravel supporter hiring canvassers, it is almost too late to just start gearing up your campaign here.

Obama canvassers were walking the neighborhood this afternoon, obviously following up on the three other times they have been through the neighborhood. I guess you can't be too cautious about outcomes, especially when Hillary is co-opting your message.

There were a couple more strange phone calls today but I don't know if it was a satellite service sales company or political since I didn't answer them.

Here is a clip of Mike Huckabee defending John McCain from the latest round of salvos from Mitt Romney:

It is so funny seeing Romney's ads attacking McCain for at least trying to fix the illegal immigration problem while the illegals have been tending to Romney's lawn. Pot, meet the kettle.

But McCain isn't just taking it. He has a cutting new ad out which I literally just saw. The ad features an out of focus picture of Mitt Romney and then has quotes from both the New Hampshire Union Leader and the Concord Monitor assailing Romney as a phony and other things. Woo ha!

If any voters out there needed another reason to consider not voting for Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama on Election Day, consider this article here: ["Nuclear Power Gets Boost from Candidates"].

Dan Kennedy has two pieces here about the NYT's Sunday edition covering only six of the Democratic candidates: ["missing in action"] and ["Missing in action (II)"].

And lastly, David Broder has this piece about these folks seemingly taking up the cause of "unity": ["Bipartisan Group Eyes Independent Bid"]. I don't want to comment on this right away. I want to give these folks the chance to have their Jan. 7 event and listen to what they have to say, with an open mind.
As an independent myself, I'm encouraged by this kind of activity. I would be thrilled if Michael Bloomberg ran as an indie even though I don't agree with his gun control tendencies or fat tax crap. He could buy the election and, frankly, it would be better that one man bought the election instead of all these corrupt influences buying the election.
But on the flip side, I don't know if we need a lot of "national consensus" right now. We need national justice. And I fear, and I think correctly, that national consensus will bring a lot of bad decisions that are not in the interest of the average American. Look at some of the people involved in this. Some, like Sam Nunn and William Cohen are war mongers. If the national consensus was to defund the military industrial complex, they would balk at that. And where would the American people be? Chuck Robb and Gary Hart have has serious personal problems. They couldn't keep their simple vows to their wives or God. Where would they get off lecturing us about "unity"? We all know what Christine Todd Whitman allowed to happen at Ground Zero in NYC because she was probably influenced by higher ups. Where will her priorities be?

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