Saturday, December 8, 2007

Huckabee bombshell: Isolate AIDS patients?

The Associated Press has this bombshell from candidate paperwork he filed in 1992 when running for U.S. Senate: ["Huckabee wanted to isolate AIDS patients"].
It will be interesting to see how he wiggles out of this one. It was more than 15 years ago. People change their minds. They develop different positions. I know that I don't believe 100 percent of what I believed in 1992. I believe a good chunk of what I believed then, but not 100 percent.
Many Republicans seem to have forgiven Romney of his flip-flops. If Huckabee says, I don't agree with that position now, this might just be another passing headline. Maybe Huckabee has become more enlightened or maybe he still believes in quarantines. We don't know.
I also wonder how many Republican voters would support this the same way some liberals support outrageous policy positions. For example, I have actually heard liberals over the years wonder about whether or not the age for sexual consent should be made lower, something that is completely horrific and on the level of quarantining AIDS patients. Granted, I was living in Cambridge at the time, but whatever. Allowing girls - not women, but girls - to get an abortion without parental consent could be considered another one in my mind. Especially when you consider that girls have to get permission for a tattoo if they are under 18! In child support cases, parents have to cover the monetary side of things until 23, if their daughter is in college. But yet, a 15-year-old can get an abortion without the parents knowing. Yikes.
So, who knows how this will play out. All I do know is that it is getting very interesting.

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