Thursday, December 20, 2007

StopHillary T-shirt company offers 'stand by your man' holiday discount

I get all kinds of press releases at my job. Here is one I found amusing:

Washington, DC (Dec. 18) -- What's hotter than 1979 cattle futures, blue like Lewinsky's dress, and disappearing faster than records at Rose Law Firm? It's the Stop Hillary T-shirt -- the official shirt of the vast right-wing conspiracy. And this Christmas, it's available at a 10% discount from

From now through January, shoppers who type "Stand By Your Man" in the coupon box at checkout will receive 10% off the regular $15.95 price.

"That's a lot cheaper than a night in the Lincoln Bedroom," says Chad Wilkinson, co-founder of

StopHillary T-shirts are an expression of solidarity. And they're available in only one color-scheme -- red, white and blue. "We wanted to keep things simple and straightforward," says Wilkinson. "These shirts are great for Obama fans, Edwards fans and assorted right-wing nuts."

For more information about StopHillary T-Shirts, or to take advantage of the 10% holiday discount, please visit

About is a for-profit company. We don't accept donations from communist China and have no idea if our shirts are environmentally friendly. Please don't sue us just because we're awesome. For more information, go to

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