Friday, December 28, 2007

Kucinich wins Virginia online straw poll

From a press release sent out by David Swanson:

Rep. Dennis Kucinich, D-Ohio, has won the Virginia Democratic Party's online presidential primary straw poll. Candidates in the poll included the six Democrats who have qualified to appear on the primary ballot in Virginia on Feb. 12.

The party's Web site said from the start and continues to say that the straw poll voting closed at midnight on Dec. 23. In reality, it is still possible to vote and to change the totals. Since the 23rd, the numbers have increased very slightly, though not enough to alter the results. Presumably, this is because most voters are unaware that the voting is still open.

Kucinich supporters, fearing some secret plot to flood the election with votes for another candidate, have been collecting screen shots of the results each day from the website and attempting unsuccessfully to get party officials to explain why the voting is still open.

Here are the results as of Dec. 25, with almost 7,000 votes cast:

Kucinich 30 percent
Clinton 27 percent
Obama 14 percent
Edwards 12 percent
Richardson 9 percent
Biden 9 percent

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