Monday, December 17, 2007

Nader, McKinney on Green Party ballots

It will be interesting to see who wins the Green Party primaries and who actual decides to vote in those races: ["7 Green Party Candidates on state ballots"].
No word on whether Ralph Nader is running or not but I suspect he might be, especially if it looks like Hillary Clinton wins Iowa and New Hampshire. He was on "Hardball" tonight but I don't have MSNBC anymore so I don't know what the conversation was like. A Nader/McKinney or McKinney/Nader ticket would be a powerhouse especially if Clinton sews up the nomination early.

Update: Caught Nader's interview on "Hardball" in two YouTube segments. He seemed, well, indifferent about running saying he would "wait until the fall." But, by then, it will be too late. There was talk again of a Bloomberg run and Nader touted Jim Hightower as someone he would like to see run [so would I] but he said he would not run. Nader predicted that one of the three candidates being ignored - Mike Gravel, Dennis Kucinich or Ron Paul - would run as a third party candidate. Paul has denied he would do it. Nader later admitted that if he ran, he would need thousands of volunteers and a bunch of pro-bono attorneys in order to gain ballot access on enough states to be competitive. Matthews also asked Nader about Edwards and Obama and Nader said, between the two, Edwards was the better choice.

Update: McKinney is definitely in. Here is her announcement video:

Huckabee's Christmas ad
I admit it, I like the ad and it is a curve ball compared to all the stuff that is being thrown around:

More on John Cox
So much for Cox not campaigning. It looks like he is here: ["Cox says he's the GOP's Obama"].

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