Sunday, December 16, 2007

Lieberman to endorse McCain

What? Oh my, this will have the moonbats going nuts: ["Lieberman to endorse McCain"].
What is so amazing about this is that the Democrats should be punishing him for this by stripping him of his committee assignments. But, ya know, they need his vote to keep the leadership. So, they won't do bunk. But, they can yell and scream about Ralph Nader wanting to give voters other choices, to the point of making death threats against him and his supporters. But Lieberman? No, this will have a life of about a day or so and it will be done. Pathetic. I so hate the two party system.
BTW, McCain got another endorsement in the Union Leader today. How many do they plan on writing for the guy?

Update: Politico has this, including information on Giuliani cutting his advertising buy in New Hampshire and possibly retreating to Florida: ["McCain snags endorsement; Rudy retreats"]. That is confirmed here by Newsday: ["Giuliani tries to revitalize campaign in Florida"].

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