Sunday, December 30, 2007


Over at DailyKos, one of the posters listed the newspapers in New Hampshire which have endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. Read it and weep:

Concord Monitor
Littleton Courier
Coos County Democrat (Lancaster)
Berlin Reporter
the Granite State News (Wolfeboro)
Carroll County Independent (Conway)
Meredith News
Record Enterprise (Plymouth)
Winnisquam Echo (Tilton)
Gilford Steamer
Baysider (Alton)
Mountain Ear (Conway)
Foster’s Daily Democrat
Milford Cabinet
Bedford Journal,
Hollis Brookline Journal
Merrimack Journal

I just can't believe that there are so many clueless and/or gullible people working in the newspaper business in our state. And they wonder why circulations are dropping. I am truly shocked.

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