Monday, December 24, 2007

'For those without insurance, Barack Obama's band-aid solution is no change at all'

In today's mail, my wife received what I believe is the first negative Dem mailer of the campaign. It was paid for by AFSCME PEOPLE. It states on the front, in bold across the top, "For those without insurance, Barack Obama's band-aid solution is no change at all [emphasis not mine]."
On the flip, it states:
Obama's plan will leave 15 million Americans uninsured. "Barack Obama spends a lot of time promising bold leadership. He claims his health care plans covers everyone, but his proposal does not match his words.
Instead, Obama took the timid way out, offering yet another band-aid solution.
It then quotes John Edwards talking about Obama's plan on MSNBC and ends with: "And we don't have time to wait for Obama's plan to catch up with his promises."
Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe this is the first negative mailer of the Democratic primary here in New Hampshire, granted, not by a candidate but by a union.

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Hargrove said...


Barack Obama's African grandmother was interviewed by CNN on the day before the New Hampshire Primary. One would think that the primary would be the focus of CNN's interview. One would expect questions about Barack’s campaign, and that his grandmother would be asked about her expectations respecting the New Hampshire Primary. But there were no such questions. As I watched, I came to understand that the viewer wasn't suppose to learn anything from Obama's grandmother, the point was to for us to see Obama's grandmother. We were to see how black she is, and how poor she is, and impute that to him . . .