Monday, February 11, 2008

Maryland, D.C. and Virginia are next. Here is where the delegates stand:

Dems: CNN/MSNBC/Politico

Clinton 1,148/904/1,125
Obama 1,121/958/1,087
Edwards 26/26/-

McCain 723/724/719
Romney 286/278/282
Huckabee 217/234/234
Paul 16/-/14

Both Jeb Bush and Gary Bauer endorsed McCain tonight. There are rumors that Al Gore could come out for Obama. And John Edwards is talking to both Hillary Clinton and Obama about some kind of support, probably before the North Carolina primary. Mike Huckabee is requesting an investigation into voting irregularities in Washington state, including the fact that a state GOP official called the state for McCain at 87 percent before all the votes were counted. Huckabee was behind by a shy 200 votes when the counting stopped. Huckabee's bulldog Ed Rollins is on the case.
Obama won in Maine: 59 percent with Clinton getting 40 percent and 1 percent went to Other/Uncommitted.

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