Sunday, February 10, 2008

Note to Clinton campaign: It's not the staff

Here is the latest from the Hillary Clinton for President campaign: Patti Solis Doyle, the campaign manager, apparently quit today: ["Clinton campaign manager out"].
This is happening two days after Clinton started bawling her eyes out again at another campaign event, the day after she got shellacked in Louisiana, Nebraska, and Washington, and the day she is getting hammered in Maine: ["Maine Caucus Results Thread"].
Note to Clinton campaign: It's not the staff. The problem with your campaign is not the people who are working for it. You can hire and fire and not pay all the people in the world you want. It is not going to make a difference.
The simple fact remains that the bulk of the American people want two things:
First, they want "generic change" even if they don't know what that is or what the change candidate will bring, a scary thought. They don't want "real change." Real change is too "radical." Real change is Ralph Nader or Michael Moore turning the country upside down. John Edwards would have brought the nation some real change. The people clearly want safe, marketable, homogenized change, which isn't much change at all, but whatever.
And second, the American people don't want either of you anywhere near the White House ever again. Never ever again.
So please, take the message the American people are trying to convey to you to heart, loud and clear. Suspend your campaign now and save the nation. Do us all a favor. Don't rip the Democratic Party or the country apart because of your own egos and your gluttonous desire for power. Don't give us all a reason to run - yes, run - to Ralph Nader again or John McCain or Mike Huckabee. Please, go back to the Senate and Chappaqua or Harlem or wherever, and let us all be. Please. Please do this for the nation.

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