Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tuesday tart treat

The dirty old man in me cannot help but repost the link to the Lindsay Lohan/Marilyn Monroe photo shoot for New York Magazine: ["Lindsay as Marilyn"]. All I can say is Wow.

I find the entire "Obama is a plagarist" nonsense to be just that. So he copped a phrase from Gov. Deval Patrick. Big deal. They have the same consultants. Patrick and Obama are friends. It worked in 2006. It is working today. And it is kinda like the pot calling the kettle black with the Clintons though. I mean, she has been borrowing Obama and Edwards campaign lines for months and months.
The Clintons and their campaign are just shameless. Look at Bill making a spectacle of himself out there, yelling at people, wagging his finger around. They will do anything and everything to win. And that means they are dangerous and need to be dealt with. I hope Obama can just nail the lid on their political coffins once and for all so the nation can be rid of them already.

After five-plus years, Politizine has finally turned a "profit." I received a $27 wire transfer from Blogtex, a service the site subscribes to that pays you when people purchase access to materials on the site via LexusNexus and other services. If I did the math, it probably comes out to 0.0000000000000001 cents per hour. But whatever.

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