Thursday, February 7, 2008

Eh, this is a bit weird ...

I don't have the expensive cable service anymore so I don't get any of the news channels. Hence, I did not see Michael Moore on Larry King the other night. However, check out this video clip where Moore suggests his belief in Catholicism will keep him from voting for Hillary Clinton:

Hmm. So, in 2004, when Moore attacked another Catholic, Ralph Nader, and instead, voted for John Kerry, a Catholic who voted for the war and, frankly, refused to apologize unlike John Edwards, where were his Catholic beliefs then to keep that from happening? It is interesting that he doesn't say anything about that.
I admit, I was a hypocrite to vote for Kerry especially since I was critical of him for years and years. The only reason I voted for Kerry is that my wife made me do it and I have regretted it ever since. So, while I think it is cool that Moore said this, I have to wonder about it. We'll see if he backs Nader again in 2008 or if he votes for Clinton, if she is the nominee.

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