Friday, February 22, 2008

NH CD 2 push poll ...

We just got a push poll here at the house for the Second Congressional District race. The call, which did not leave a number or a caller ID mark, asked if the voter who answered would be voting for Democratic incumbent Paul Hodes or a Republican candidate. I figured I would push 1 and say Hodes, because I thought for sure there would something negative. Well, I thought right. The next point stated that Hodes was supporting Barak Obama for president and Obama supports taxing business to pay a greater share of health care. Will you still be voting for Paul Hodes? the poll asked. After that, they asked the age and gender of the calling and disconnected. I don't know for sure but I thought the survey said it was something called SST. The only SST I know is the very cool punk label from the 1980s which used to put out Black Flag records.

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