Wednesday, February 6, 2008

McCain wins big; Dems split

I'm still holding to my prediction that there will be at least one brokered convention before this mess of a presidential primary race is done. It looks like it will be on the Dem side but you never know.
John McCain had a huge night tonight, winning nine of the 20-plus states which held contests today, with Huckabee and Romney winning five or six a piece. But the big delegate gains went to McCain. He is almost halfway to the nomination and this, after virtually every talk radio host came out and endorsed Mitt Romney and pummeled ... PUMMELED ... McCain for hours and hours over days and days. And yet, he is halfway to the nomination and the other two are far, far behind.
Over on the Dem side, Obama is on his way to winning 13 states. Hillary will win in 9, including California. Since the delegates are proportional in all the Dem states, each side will win a bunch of delegates. Right now, Obama seems to be winning by huge margins in most of his winning states while the states Hillary is winning are by smaller margins. Drudge is reporting that Obama is claiming he has a delegate lead but the Clinton folks say, Not so fast. Whatever.
John Edwards scored 10 percent of the vote in California and Oklahoma despite having dropped out of the race but he did not reach a 15 percent threshold anywhere. Ron Paul racked up impressive numbers in Montana, where he placed second with 25 percent, North Dakota where he received 21 percent, and Minnesota, where he received 16 percent.
Here are some numbers:

McCain 475/378
Romney 151/127
Huckabee 93/91
Paul 6

Needed: 1,191

Clinton 357/249
Obama 287/128
Edwards 26/26

Needed: 2,025

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