Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Green Party results ...

According to the Secretary of State's office in California, Ralph Nader easily won the Green Party primary with more than 60 percent of the vote:

Kent Mesplay (Grn)5652.0 %
Jared Ball (Grn)4511.6 %
Jesse Johnson (Grn)5121.8 %
Kat Swift (Grn)8573.0 %
Ralph Nader (Grn)17,06561.2 %
Elaine Brown (Grn)1,2754.6 %
Cynthia McKinney (Grn)7,17825.8 %

Interestingly, Nader isn't actually running. A couple of friends of his put in a place card for him on the ballot in case he decides to run. Could a Nader/McKinney ticket be in the works?

In Illinois, The Chicago Tribune is reporting the results this way:

McKinney - 1,446 - 57 percent
Howie Hawkins - 438 - 17 percent
Mesplay 3- 69 - 14 percent
Ball - 302 - 12 percent

In Arkansas, Ballot Access News is reporting these numbers:

Uncommitted: 275
McKinney 116
Ball 54
Mesplay 48
Kat Swift 26

There are no numbers from Massachusetts. Apparently there were some problems counting some of those ballots and none of the daily newspapers have the figures. As well, the Green-Rainbow Party does not have numbers and the Secretary of State's office Web site is down for "maintenance" until tomorrow.

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