Sunday, February 3, 2008

Comcast makes some changes

A lot has been made of the fact that C-SPAN channels in Concord were moved to the digital plank of the platform. I wrote a bit about the changes here: ["A couple of quick things worth mentioning"] and here: ["Comcast flack responds"].
The issue has also been raised in other towns around the country, including Massachusetts, where some folks have noticed the changes.
Well, it seems as though Comcast has heard some of the complaints and made a minor change.
On Saturday, I went down to the local Comcast office to trade in my battered remote control for a new one and to pay my bill. While there, I grabbed the latest price information flyer, which was printed this month. In it, there is a new option called "Family Tier." In the Family Tier, for $14.95, Basic cable service customers can add C-SPAN1 and C-SPAN2, along with some kids programming, weather, and some science channels.
So, for a little more than $30 per month, cable subscribers can get the C-SPAN channels back and still save a bit of money over the Standard cable price of $55. Additionally, Comcast customers have to have a digital cable box, which bumps the price up a bit. But everyone will need those after February 2009, when the transfer to HD happens.
In the end, this is not good enough. The C-SPAN channels should be on the Basic service for free. But, at least Comcast seems to have taken a move to answer critics who don't want to pay $55 a month for Standard cable.

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