Thursday, February 28, 2008

Interesting choice for Nader: Matt Gonzalez

Ralph Nader has chosen Matt Gonzalez to be his running mate, according to the AP: ["Nader chooses Matt Gonzalez as his running mate"]. and here: ["Nader Announces V.P. Pick"]. Here is short video clip: ["Ralph Nader taps a running mate"].
I like this choice. It does two things: It solidifies the Green Party ballot option - since Gonzalez is one of the party faithful - and it passes the torch in many ways to the next generation of progressive leaders, of which Gonzalez is one. He barely lost the Mayoral race in San Francisco only after they threw the entire kitchen sink at him and called in Bubba to campaign for Gavin Newsom [Later, there were some really nasty things revealed about Newsom which proved that Gonzalez was the better choice of the two]. The Times says Gonzalez is now an independent. But who knows.
This run may be Nader's swan song. If he can secure the GP ballot lines and then, get on enough states to really bring some votes in, he could make a run a the 5 percent. It is, admittedly, a total long-shot. But if the two can establish the Greens as a viable national party for the 2012 elections, who knows what can happen.


Anonymous said...

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Harvey said...

Jesus H. Christ! Couldn't Ralph find a bigger screwball to be on the ticket with him? Where the fuck is Cindy Sheehan when we really need her? Fucking hilarious!