Tuesday, January 29, 2008

2008 delegate race update

Here are the latest delegate race totals:
_______CNN __ MSNBC
McCain ---95------93

1,191 needed to win.
_______CNN/MSNBC [with super delegates]

2,025 needed to win.

AP is reporting that Giuliani will endorse McCain tomorrow: ["Giuliani will endorse McCain"]. This, frankly, is amazing. Giuliani got a single convention delegate ... for $47.2 million. Absolutely amazing.

The Washington Post has some interactive maps of Florida here: [Interactive map].
A couple of things worth pointing out: On the Dem side, Edwards won more counties, 11, than Obama won [9]. Their county wins ran from the panhandle across the top of the state, the more conservative and black areas of Florida. Edwards placed second in many of northern border areas and the more suburban areas of the middle of the state.
Over on the Republican side, Huckabee won four counties towards the top of the state. He also placed second in eight counties and third in 27 counties. Giuliani placed third in most of the southeastern counties.

Close to final Florida votes:

6709 of 6913 Precincts Reporting - 97%

NamePartyVotesVote %
Clinton, HillaryDem850,17050%

Obama, BarackDem563,14733%

Edwards, JohnDem246,09714%

Biden, JoeDem15,2381%

Richardson, BillDem14,6551%

Kucinich, DennisDem9,4591%

Dodd, ChrisDem5,3530%

Gravel, MikeDem5,2070%
President - GOP Primary
6709 of 6913 Precincts Reporting - 97%

NamePartyVotesVote %
McCain, JohnGOP686,24636%

Romney, MittGOP589,59031%

Giuliani, RudyGOP279,33915%

Huckabee, MikeGOP256,70613%

Paul, RonGOP61,4383%

Thompson, FredGOP22,1121%

Keyes, AlanGOP3,9610%

Hunter, DuncanGOP2,7470%

Tancredo, TomGOP1,5390%

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