Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Nader smacks down Clinton, urges support for Edwards

Politico has it here ["Nader throws support to Edwards"] and here: ["Nader echoing Edwards"].
No one should really be surprised by all of this but I can tell you that I sense this is a warning to Democrats: Do the right thing here or else. While I'm not that comfortable with this "or else," assuming it is one, I think this might just be the way to go, especially with a potential four-way race in November.
Look at 2006. Look at what happened and look at what has not happened since that time. They've had control of Congress and the Senate for almost a year. They received a mandate from the voters to end the war. Yet, the war rages on. They received a mandate to end the corruption created by the Clinton Administration and Republican-controlled Congress in 1994 which has continued since Bush was elected and beyond. The corruption remains. When are they going to act? What will it take to get them to act?
If the Democrats don't get it together and nominate a candidate who is going to fix these problems they will surely be doomed in November. The time is now and Nader and others clearly sense it, drawing a line in the sand.

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