Tuesday, January 22, 2008

'Grandpa' Fred Thompson out!

AP has it here: ["Fred Thompson Quits Presidential Race"].
Well, at least he left the race with enough time for the other contenders to gobble up some of his meager support. I know there are Thompson people moving around, with at least one major one from Georgia going to Mitt Romney's campaign. Another one here in Mass. moved over to the Paul campaign a couple of months ago.
But, I wonder if John McCain doesn't benefit from this. As noted in the article, Thompson assisted McCain in 2000. In the debates, Thompson thrashed on Romney, standing up for McCain. Mike Huckabee is also bound to benefit because Thompson was trying to play up that southern thing. With him out, Huckabee is the only southerner or midwesterner left standing.
Drudge is noting that Huckabee is having some money problems. This can happen once a campaign starts to build. The money for media is always reimbursed to a campaign. However, those media outlets can take their own sweet time paying so, this seems like a good move, short-term.

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Christopher said...

Alot of online Blogger support is going to Romney, I listed some on my blog, I've been for Romney since I first heard his message and record.

If Fred would only voice his support of Romney, my prediction that we will see a Romney/Thompson ticket will be closer to coming true. I have heard people saying about Condie Rice for VP, but I think the majority of people will want to distance themselves from having to relive the Bush years in the fight and focus on beating the Clintons.

I would vote for a Romney/Rice ticket though, she'd be great.