Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Where did Gravel's votes go?

AP has corrected its vote totals. Here is where they are now:

2917 of 6913 Precincts Reporting - 42%

NamePartyVotesVote %
Clinton, HillaryDem470,68752%

Obama, BarackDem271,66230%

Edwards, JohnDem142,64216%

Biden, JoeDem8,6651%

Richardson, BillDem8,4691%

Kucinich, DennisDem5,6361%

Dodd, ChrisDem3,0500%

Gravel, MikeDem2,9380%

But the question remains: Where did Gravel's votes go? He had 21,124 40 minutes ago! Is there more vote fraud going on again?

Update: Looking at these numbers, it is more than just Gravel's numbers. Where did Biden's votes go? Where did Kucinich's votes go? This is amazing. A total turn around in vote totals from one figure to another figure.

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