Sunday, March 30, 2003

504 residents opt to pay more taxes
Back in February, I wrote an op-ed piece in The Winchester Star: ["CLT and the Voluntary Tax Check-off"]] suggesting that taxpayers who wanted to pay more in taxes could do so through a checkoff. At that time, only 20 taxpayers had taken advantage of the program. Here are the latest figures. From the Boston Sunday Herald:

Voting with wallets: Here is the latest update on how many Massachusetts liberals are taking the option of paying higher state income taxes at the old rate of 5.85 percent, rather than the new 5.3 percent rate imposed by the mean-spirited taxpayers. According to the Department of Revenue, so far 504 of 1,139,777 state filers have opted to pay the higher rate, for a total of an additional $55,636, which means most of them pay very little income tax to begin with. For those of you keeping score at home, that 504 number translates into .004 of 1 percent of filers - odd, considering that 41 percent of the voters claimed in the referendum that they were against cutting the rate to 5.3 percent.

Higher taxes for thee, but not for me.