Thursday, March 13, 2003

MTV blocks anti-war ad:
The NYT reports today that MTV has refused to accept a commercial opposing a war in Iraq, citing a policy against advocacy spots that it says protects the channel from having to run ads from any cash-rich interest group whose cause may be loathsome ["MTV Refuses Antiwar Commercial "] via Nonetheless, viewers in New York and Los Angeles will be able to see the rejected spot from Not in Our Name starting today on MTV's "Total Request Live" and "Direct Effect," because its backers did an end-run around the channel by buying time on local cable providers.
Amazing. First, I am surprised that Comcast and Time Warner sold the ads to the group since ATT has previously refused to air anti-war advertising. I guess Comcast's billions in debt have made them think a little more clearly about accepting the ads. But, there is a larger problem. Here is a network, MTV, that has almost single-handedly destroyed the music industry. They also accept a blizzard of advertising for all kinds of useless commercial products yet won't accept a commercial which attempts to address some of the feelings teenagers – their main demographic – have about the upcoming war? Maybe MTV should be broadcasting some programming that might help teenagers deal with what is going to be a very difficult time. Or, they could go back to playing music videos which might be nice too.