Friday, March 28, 2003

War links
For Broadcast Media, Patriotism Pays This really says it all.
Bush preaches patience: Some in Mass. delegation critical
Tens of thousands march in Iran against Iraq war Eh, be careful Iran, you are probably next!
Cassidy: War in the newsroom Some light fare.
Perle: The first political casualty Unfortunately, he is still an advisor. But here is just another example proving that there is no liberal media bias. If Perle were Clinton's foreign policy advisor, there would be a Holy War on FoxNews about his conflicts of interest and there hasn't been a peep. In fact, the first time I heard Perle's name on FoxNews was last night, when Brit Hume stumbled all over himself to commend Perle for resigning. There also hasn't been word one about Bill Kristol or Bill Bennett and their involvement in the strategizing of this war.

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