Sunday, March 9, 2003

Pirozzi gets whacked in the Herald:
Angelique Pirozzi, who is currently working for Sen. John Kerry's presidential campaign in Iowa, received a cheap shot in the Herald's political gossip column "The Buzz" this morning: ["Her own private Iowa"]. The Herald is saying that Pirozzi - who also worked for Gore in Iowa three years ago - wanted to be assigned in New Hampshire or South Carolina. The article said that Pirozzi "made no friends in Massachusetts as director of Kerry's waltz to re-election last year."
However, her past experience in Iowa made her the perfect person to be sent there for Kerry and when I saw her at the Mass. Democratic Convention in June, she seemed to have lots of friends in the room. I also wrote an article about Pirozzi when I was the reporter for the Belmont Citizen-Herald.
Politizine exclusively reported Pirozzi's assignment: ["Pirozzi heading to Iowa for Kerry"] on Jan. 30. We'll try to find out if this Herald hit is accurate.